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The homeopathic medicine Canova is an immunomodulator, as it was demonstrated clearly in the scientific studies performed in several Brazilian Universities.

It should be used in pathologies in which the immunological system is compromised or when a more effective action of that system is required. Several are the medical situations that the immune system is affected, as chronic parasitosis, infectious and inflammatory diseases and neoplasic conditions. In these clinical situations it is common that the organism increases the production of a substance denominated Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF), which, in excess, starts to have poisonous effect on the organism, producing a dramatic and of conclusion clinical picture, usually fatal, called caquexia. One of the most potent actions of the medicine Canova is exactly the one of modulating the production of this substance, also known as TNF-alpha.


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Safe and Non-toxic


Laudo técnico

The Canova medicine has undergone scientific and systematic studies in Brazilian Universities since 1998. Two lines of researches were initiated then:

a) Understanding how it works;
b) Safety of the medicine.

Tasks were distributed in several centers of researches, although, naturally most of them are close to the headquarters of the company management, in Paraná. It was demonstrated that the medicine Canova doesn't have DL 50, nor genotoxicity or mutagenicity. These researches demonstrated the safety of the medicine. Researches were also initiated to explain how the medicine works and it was noticed that the main action is in a cell of the immunological system called macrophage. These cells are found in the whole human body (skins, guts viscera, blood vessels, lungs, woven of completion) and they are defense cells. It was observed that the homeopathic medicine Canova acts on the macrophages, inducing the changing of the resting state in which they are into an activated cell. Their metabolism becomes more intense, they get bigger, so then they also activate other cells of the immune system, or even functionally substituting them when they are absent, explaining this way, the patients' clinical improvement.

The researches at Federal Universities of Paraná and of Pará, demonstrated the absence of DL 50 and of genotoxicity and mutagenicity. The studies in several centers of patients care, with follow-up of clinical evaluation, laboratorial and measurements of quality of life, confirm these discoveries of the mentioned Universities, guaranteeing that, besides effective, the homeopathic medicine Canova is safe for human consumption.

The studies conducted by Professor Rommel Burbano, from the Federal University of Pará, published in Genetics Molecular and Research; 2(2): 223-228; (2003), demonstrate that the homeopathic medicine Canova doesn't have genotoxic nor mutagenic effect, which means that it is not poisonous to the genetic material, nor causes alterations in the chromosomas of the organism.

The studies performed at the Hospital of Clinics of the Federal University of Paraná, showed the hepatic protective action of the homeopathic medicine Canova on the patients that underwent the treatment with concomitant use of antiretroviral and medicine Canova. Such results, also proved in the clinical studies performed at several places of the country and overseas, strongly suggest that the homeopathic medicine Canova should be prescribed in conjunction with antiretroviral therapy.

The use of Canova medicine in conjunction with chemotherapy takes to a significant decrease of the noxious effect of those treatments, as nauseas, vomits, hair fall and so on. The medicine Canova contributes to a better adherence to the conventional therapeutic processes, such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Quality of Life

In HIV+/AIDS patients, many times a therapeutic failure happens. This failure is the consequence either viral persistency and/or mutagenicity. In spite of its efficacy, this kind of therapeutic agents shows many adverse effects, which contributes to a lack of compliance and refusal of treatment by some.

The target of the international scientist community with respect to chronic diseases consists in primary prevention, symptom relief, reconstitution of the immune system and improvement of quality of life.

In this context, national and International authorities focused attention to the medicine Canova® , which renders in several laboratory and field research performed by several institutions and professionals on the Health field since 1998.

Trabalhos clínicos Trabalhos clínicos Trabalhos clínicos Trabalhos clínicos

The number of patients with cancer is increasing all over the world. Out of 9 million estimated new cases, more than the half are in developing countries and most of these patients have advanced disease when in the moment of the diagnosis.

For them — considered out of therapeutic possibility (OTP) —, the only real option of treatment is the relief of pain and the palliative cares.The OTP patients for cancer are a great problem of human and social order, in which the professional that treats the disease is confronted with a dramatic Picture of suffering and with enormous difficulty to alleviate it.

Inserted in the search of new treatment ways that make possible to increase the dignity conditions in the continuation of the oncologic disease, the study evaluated, in the clinical field, the therapeutic answer obtained with the use of Immunomodulator Canova® in oncologic patients and OTP.

The study evidenced in the clinical field Immunomodulator Canova therapeutic effectiveness in oncologic patients and Out of Therapeutic Possibilities.

The medicine showed to be a weapon of quite useful use in the institution of the palliative cares, for its actions, observed in this study, in relation to the significant improvement of the general health conditions, gaining of weight, reduction of nauseas and vomits, decrease of asthenia and increase of the patients’ willingness due to the new vitality observed from the moment that the patients themselves noticed their clinical improvement, besides the adverse effects have not been evidenced.


Macrófagos com morfologia de ativados

In the picture to the left mice control, without any, sarcoma bearers. Notice that the animals interrupted its growth due to the development of the tumor. The picture to the right shows mice sarcoma bearers treated with Canova. Observe not only the reduction of the tumor volume, but also the weight increase and the continuity of the development of the treated animals.

Microscopia Eletrônica de Varredura

Reduction of the volume of the tumor mass after the treatment with Canova (group S = I group with sarcoma, group ST = I group with sarcoma treated with Canova)

Clinical Works

Patients recovery with HIV/AIDS in Botswana / Africa, with the use of the homeopathic Medicine Canova (2006)

Canova is a homeopathic complex medicine used as an immune modulator. Botswana has the highest prevalence of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infection and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) in the world. Objective: Evaluate the longitudinal evolution in HIV/AIDS patients’ quality of life, which only use Canova®. This work was intended to be a prospective study.

The Use of Immunomodulators in Asthma Treatment (2006)

The general aim of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of immunomodulator Canova® and the paradigms of development of asthma episodes in patients bearing this disease in the ambulatory of the Medical Clinic in the city of Riachinho/ MG.

HIV/AIDS+ patients treated with the homeopathic Medicine Canova: Prospective Observational study in Laboratory, Clinical and of Quality of Life Indexes (2005)

This study evaluated the longitudinal evolution of patients HIV/AIDS+, after one month and after six months of use of the medicine Canova®, concomitant or not with the use of conventional medicines. It demonstrated that the treatment allows an improvement in the following parameters: increase of the appetite and of the available energy for daily routine, decrease of the pain and depression, opportunistic infections decrease, increase of the n° of lymphocytes CD4 and of the total n° of erythrocytes, thus improving the quality of life.

Quality of life and handling of Cancer or Aids with Immunomodulator Canova® (2004)

The treatment with Immunomodulator Canova® is appointed by the patients who underwent the treatment as medical behavior that makes possible the longer life and the improvement of life quality. The patients before the treatment present significant limitations in the accomplishment of routine activities [sleepiness, alimentation, pain, leisure, sexual activity, work]. Generally they find themselves in terminal phase, with limitations or impossibilities to practice any physical activity without discomfort and pain, and in whom the conventional clinical treatment is little effective. After the beginning of the treatment with Immunomodulator Canova®, the patient is not free of an intense and rigid medical routine, because he remains dependent of the continued use of the medicament and periodic clinical return always followed by lucidation examinations, laboratory and image diagnosis, in order to guarantee the contention control of the illness.

Immunomodulator Canova® – Aids and quality of life. (2002)

Immunomodulator Canova® showed to be efficient and of easy acceptability. There was 100% of adhesion of the patients to the treatment with Immunomodulator Canova®, with the results showed previously. For us from the DST/Aids it is rewarding to follow up the evolution and the patient’s enthusiasm treated with Canova® after the results obtained during this study work.

Clinical study for the evaluation of Immunomodulator Canova® in the therapeutics of oncologic patients considered OTP – Out of Therapeutic Possibility. (2002)

The present study evidenced in the clinical field Immunomodulator Canova® therapeutic effectiveness in oncologic patients and Out of Therapeutic Possibilities. The medicine showed to be a weapon of quite useful use in the institution of the palliative cares, for its actions, observed in this study, in relation to the significant improvement of the general health conditions, gaining of weight, reduction of nauseas and vomits, decrease of asthenia and increase of the patients’ willingness due to the new vitality observed from the moment that the patients themselves noticed their clinical improvement, besides the adverse effects have not been evidenced. New studies should be accomplished for deep investigation, statistics and better understanding of these presented clinical results, as well as about the possible action in the reduction of the value of the tumor markers. Thus, while we are completely waiting for an effective anti-neoplasm medicine, we will be able to at least increase the dignity conditions in the continuation of the oncologic disease.

Randomized Placebo-Controlled Clinical Trial to appraise the effectiveness and safety of Immunomodulator Canova® in the therapeutics of patients who have HIV/AIDS on anti-retroviral use. (2001)

The present placebo-controlled randomized clinical study demonstrated the effectiveness of the medicament called Immunomodulator Canova® in the therapeutics of patients who have AIDS, on anti-retroviral use. Due to the decrease of the viral load, opportunistic diseases, toxicity effects and general organic improvement, there was an improvement in the quality of life.

A Multicentric Clinical Survey of HIV/AIDS patients submitted to Canova Immunomodulator® treatment associated with Antiretrovirus Medicaments. (2002)

Individuals infected by HIV may have a greater life, associated with an increase in the life quality through his/her reintegration to the society, harmoniously working and spending some time in leisure, with the decrease of the morbidity/mortality, and defined by the infection of HIV. The study work suggests a need of more research in new appraised study works for statistical analyses.

Evaluation of Canova® Immunomodulator use in patients with cancer. (2003)

The daily clinic plus the present study showed that the treated patients with the homeopathic medicine Immunomodulator Canova®, concomitant with conventional therapies presented decrease of the pain complaints, improvement of appetite and of the cognitive function already in the beginning of the treatment; it improves that constant during the whole appraised period. The possibility of physical activity was a consequence of the improvement of life quality and it provided an improvement of the observed self-esteem during the treatment. The evolution of the Karnofsky Performance Index shows with clarity that a medication without toxicity and/or collateral effects, acting on the defenses of the body becomes indispensable to the modern therapeutic arsenal. This Effectiveness was also demonstrated in the results of the accomplished biochemical exams. We noticed, yet, in most of the patients, the significant decrease of tumor volumes, after the therapy with Immunomodulator Canova®. That fact brought to the discussion the possibility to use, again, invasive therapies, surgeries or even in the restarting the cycles of chemotherapies, which were stopped. Another verified fact was the high adhesion index to the treatment with Canova®, where the patients attended spontaneously in search of the treatment and for the continuity of the medication. Even in those where there was partial or total tumor mass resolution to the image exam, the interest of going on taking the medication was unanimous. The homeopathic medicines compound Immunomodulator Canova® showed to be an effective procedure when rescuing therapeutic forms that can guarantee longer life with better life quality.

Evaluate Efficacy of Immune-Modulator Homeopathy Drug ‘Canova’ in HIV/Aids Patients. (2006)

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