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The research suggests that Canova medication act in the modulation of the immune response through:

- Macrophages activation; which modifies its structure and enhances its function.

- Absence of toxicity and mutagenicity.

- Relative increase of total number of subtypes of leukocytes and lymphocytes (CD4, CD8, NK and B), reverting – partly the effect of some pathologies.

- Increase production of nitric oxide by macrophages.

- Decrease production of TNF-a, reversing the frames of cachexia.

- Increase phagocytosis index and the endosomal-lysosomal system index in macrophages, increasing these cells efficiency in organic defense.

- Decrease of the inflammatory response, accelerating healing process.

- Decrease tumor volume and production of fibrosis (collagen type I) around the tumor mass.

- Restoration of several hematological parameters turning it applicable during and after chemotherapy, improving the tolerability and duration of treatments against cancer.

- Reduction and containment of Leishmania amazonensis by macrophages.

- Decrease of opportunistic diseases.

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