Frequently Asked Questions
In homeopathy, there is a principle stating that the search for the medicine that will be prescribed is never guided by the name of the disease, or the pathological condition of the affected organs. On the contrary, it states that, as the symptomatic exclusively constitutes the disease, the search should be for the most similar medicine to the patient’s symptoms. This approach is based on the fact that several abnormal organ conditions present typical alterations and symptoms, in a higher or lower degree, modified by the conditions and peculiarities of each patient individually, which makes each case a singular one.
One must remember that terminal patients have crossed healing limits a long time ago, and their defense mechanisms are weak, or almost inexistent. Therefore, one must not expect the characteristic healing reaction. A well-chosen homeopathic medicine may relieve pain and increase the quality of life of sick and terminal patients. But you may not expect healing responses. The medicine Canova fits, in a special way, in these cases due to the immediate response in pain relief and recovering vital energy of the patient, appetite and cognitive aspects of the patient, bringing better quality of life in the terminal state of diseases as cruel as cancer.
Canova is a Homeophatic medicine made from 17 different plants, mineral and animal ingredients. It provides favorable support to your immune system in your day-to-day activities by boosting the body’s immune system and enhancing resistance to immune challenges due to fatigue, exposure to environmental challenges and stress. Canova is a complement, not replacement, to traditional (allopathic) medicine.
In the 1960s, Dr. Francisco Canova, an Argentinean medical doctor and trained homeopath, developed a Homeophatic medicine, called Canova Immune Support, for the debilitating effects of a compromised immune system.
For patients with recurring illnesses, Canova Immune Support aims to reduce the intensity and frequency of episodes or outbreaks, as with herpes, for example.
Canova stimulates the human body’s defense against infection, disease, or other unwanted biological invasion, providing relief for symptoms experienced by people with a weakened immune system, such as fatigue, nausea, appetite loss, and aches and pains.
The extremely small doses of each active homeopathic ingredient of Canova assure it is safe and has no known side effects or contraindications. Canova can be safely taken with other conventional medicines and is usually recommended as a complement to other treatments.
Homeophatic medicines are safe for children. Please talk your doctor for the dosage recommendations.
As with any medicine, pregnant women should seek the advice of a medical professional before use.
No. What can sometimes happen are the appearance of signs and / or symptoms of the drug response. In these cases, is necessary to communicate to the medical professional.
Several Universities and Research Institutions conducted various research studies on Canova and published their results in 22 international life science journals, seven university published papers, 19 international congress papers and 10 clinical works.
Any medication prescribed by a medical professional should not be discontinued without their guidance.