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Canova has been recognized as biological response modifiers (BRM)
Canova do Brazil, for more than 20 years, works on the research and development of homeopathic medicines, aiming to offer high quality products, effectiveness and safety to patients that present a compromised immune system; that is, non-toxic medicines, without side effects and capable of providing immunological results and better quality of life.

Important advances have allowed us to develop treatment options that potent biological responses, mainly in the immune system.

Canova can be a great ally for doctors when indicated along with conventional treatments, offering their patients a relief of the diseases’ symptoms and absence of side effects of these treatments, also with a higher medicinal efficacy.
Canova Company
The growth of knowledge in immunology clinical

The growth of knowledge in immunology clinical has revealed the pathophysiology of diseases caused by exacerbation of immune response and immune deficiencies in several areas of medicine. The modern immune therapy involves the use of immunomodulators. Drugs that can exacerbate or reduce the immune response, with topical or systemic use, for the treatment of diseases caused by immunodeficiency or hypersensitivity.

It´s well known as in science as layperson that these treatments manipulate, change and explore the immune response. Most immunomodulators arose empirically. Recently, with the development of the comprehension of pathophysiology of immune system, new immunomodulatory were developed with more rational system. Several publications about these groups of drugs have shown the importance of these therapies as essential in pharmacotherapy of doctor in any medicine´s area.

A Canova proporciona a todos uma qualidade de vida digna
Looking from the basic science, the immunomodulators can be, and they were, used to characterize events in a variety of biological processes. Looking from a clinical standpoint, perhaps the most important for daily clinical, immunomodulators have strong potential utility.

Canova has been recognized as biological response modifiers (BRM). The BRM may act, for example, in mediating the activity of macrophages from the complement system and the mechanisms of cell adhesion.

In this context and with all these assumptions, we present Canova®, a medicament largely studied that could help countless people which immune system is compromised, reaching all that science seeks: provide all patients a decent life quality.
Casal lendo jorna na água
Any medication prescribed by a medical professional should not be discontinued without their guidance.