The Company

Canova do Brazil, for more than 20 years, works on the research and development of homeopathic medicines, aiming to offer high quality products, effectiveness and safety to patients that present a compromised immune system; that is, non-toxic medicines, without side effects and capable of providing immunological results and better quality of life.

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The Canova ® medications frame within the concept of homeopathic medicine, because its production technique is based on the principles dictated by Hahnemann, homeopathy creator. Unlikely most homeopathic medicines, Canova is a homeopathic formula with several medicines that promote a vast general effect, this was confirmed in clinical practice and scientific base research.

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and Research

Several factors cause stress on the immune system, weakening its ability to deal effectively with infectious organisms and other immunological requirements of other body's parts. The immune systems cells can "embrace" the bacteria and kill parasites, tumor cells and virus-infected cells.

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Frequently Asked Questions


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How to find the adequate homeopathic medicine?

What is Canova medicine?

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Can Canova be used to treat recurring illnesses?

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